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2016-2017 Coaches

Jerry  Linch

Jerry Linch

Club Director

Katy  Garza

Katy Garza

Club Director

Lauren Ellison

Lauren Ellison

Administration, Travel, and Recruiting Director

Phone: (832) 797-3166

Christy  Crislip

Christy Crislip

Recruiting Consultant

Thang Nguyen

Thang Nguyen

Training Coach & USAV Liaison

Pam  Berry-Richardson

Pam Berry-Richardson


Marko   Majstorovic

Marko Majstorovic

Training and Programs Director

Jennifer  Webb

Jennifer Webb

AVAtors Director

Amanda Bunn, CPA

Amanda Bunn, CPA


Sabrina  Salazar

Sabrina Salazar

Relations Coordinator

Michael  Williams

Michael Williams

Website & Social Media

2016-2017 Coaching Staff

Team Coach Assistant
18 Rox Jerry Linch - 18s Training Director Shelbee Berringer
18 Attack Jessica Curtis
17 Rox Katy Garza and Lauren Ellison - 17s Training Directors
17 Attack Kaylee Hawkins Keriann Mason
16 Rox Dennis Allen - 16s Training Director Ross Nelms
16 Attack Caitlyn O'Connell
16 Power Megan Pelc
15 Rox Raymond Nelms - 15s Training Director Stephanie Lefevers
15 Attack Ryan Davies
15 Power Chelsea Knape
15 Select Sabrina Salazar
15 Extreme Bella Arcidiacono
15 Rally Kierra Whittaker
14 Rox Mary Margaret Armstrong - 14s-10s Training Director Angi Gould
14 Attack Juel Rayburn
14 Power Hannah Westerlage
14 Select Jamie Haas
14 Extreme Kylah Dias
13 Rox Meghan Davis Suzanne Sampson
13 Attack Rachel Rocha
13 Power Carl Arnold
13 Select Haylee Mills
13 Extreme Shayna Sauers
12 Rox Jennifer Webb Chanda Eager
12 Attack Lynn Perry
12 Power Christina Holt
AVAtors Director Jennifer Webb
AVAtors Dan Nowak
AVAtors Leigh Guterriez
AVAtors Ross Nelms
AVAtors Sabrina Salazar
AVAtors Jamie Haas
Training Coach Thang Nguyen
Training Coach Ryan Ripple
Training Coach Tanessa Sawyer
Sub Coach Erica Dryden
Sub Coach Whitney Hilton
Sub Coach Erika Peugot