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AVA ranked in the Top 55 Volleyball Clubs in the Nation in 2018


AVA of Texas is a club volleyball organization dedicated to teaching and challenging girls and boys from ages 5 through 18.
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    Co-Club Director Jerry Linch

    Co-Club Director Jerry Linch

    Co-Club Director Katy Garza

    Co-Club Director Katy Garza

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    Ray Garza (Husband of Katy) was rushed to the Emergency Room last week and has been in ICU diagnosed with several severe and life threatening health issues. He is currently on life support. Ray we pray you'll soon be well,To love and live and enjoy life again!!

    Please keep Katy and her family in your hearts during this difficult time:

    Please help the Garza family:

    A Meal Train has also be set up.

    Gift cards can be placed in the white box at the AVA Front desk

    THANK YOU! AVA Family!

    Update 9/9
    Keep the prayers coming AVA!!
    Ray got the trach today but he still won’t be able to talk. He is heavily medicated, but can answer yes/no questions and is pretty expressive with his eyebrows. He can even make his signature hand symbol! He was also able to squirt the nurse with a water gun I gave him today. He is not poker ready. He has to have his right arm strapped down because he wants to pull all the tubes and lines out. He has some agitation that could be from the medication. Some of his other battles are fevers and high heart rates. The dialysis is continuing almost daily for now. I can’t thank y’all enough for all the prayers and support. Our youngest child, Mia is helping me with thank you notes. It might take a while but we want to personally thank everyone and this is a great way for Mia to help out. She is pretty creative with her notes so please get ready to laugh. She has a lot of her dad in her.

    Update 9/4/19
    Katy Garza

    Thank you so much for the continued prayers. Ray has pulled through a really rough weekend. He is back on the healing path. I was able to visit with his case manager yesterday and she let me know that as soon as Ray is able to breathe on his own, he will be moved to a rehab facility. This will be a long recovery. I will definitely let y'all know when he is better. I am sure he will want to have visitors and even play a little poker. Poker was something that helped him get through the motorcycle accident rehab. Friends and family are asking what to specifically pray for. His biggest battles right now are lungs and kidneys. Thank you again for all the support. We are so blessed to live in a community that loves one another!

    Update 08/29/19
    -Katy Garza 

    I wanted to let all our family and friends know how much my family and I appreciate your prayers, thoughts, and gifts. I never imagined we would be in this situation again. Your prayers have definitely made a difference. Ray is starting to make small steps towards recovery. It will be a long process since the sepsis was so bad. He is still on a ventilator, but he can hear us and is aware. His organ functioning is improving slowly. I will let y'all know when he is ready for more visitors. Our community is awesome. Thank you so much.

    Open Positions as of 9/8
    18 Travel - 1 Middle
    17 Travel - 1 Middle
    17 Regional -  2 Middle, 1 Outside
    16 Local - 2 Middles, 1 Outside
    15 Local - 1 Setter, 3 Middles
    14 Travel - 2 Setters, 2 Middles
    14 Local - Hitters
    13 Local - All positions
    12 Travel - All positions
    12 Local - All positions

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    SATURDAYS  730-9:00PM  $5



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    Absolute Volleyball Academy of Texas to break ground on one of the largest volleyball complexes in the city of Houston

    We are excited to announce the building of our new 56,000 sq ft facility in Webster, Texas.
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