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AVA Pasadena

AVA Co Club Director Katy Garza

Lynn Perry

Director AVA Pasadena

General Information

Practices will be held on Fridays at Queens Intermediate starting January 11th, and at Pasadena High School starting February 8th and finish in late April.  Practices follow the Pasadena ISD school calendar and will not be held when the school is closed.  Optional practices may be offered during those dates at the AVA Training Facility.  

Registration:  You will need to register on the AVA website, and create a player account.  This is free. You will need to register with the region, and pay $45.  Choose Absolute Volleyball Academy of Texas as your club.  

12 Extreme

Tournament Date Location
TOV Developmental #1 3-Feb Houston
WSC / TAV Developmental #2 10-Feb Houston
WSC / TAV Developmental #3 3-Mar Houston
TAV Houston Classic #4 30-Mar Spring
WSC / TAV Developmental #4 7-Apr Houston

Cecily Medina Head Coach - 13 Rally

Adriana Benevides Head Coach - 13 Digs

13 Rally + 13 Digs

Tournament Date Location
FAST Complex #3 2-Feb Houston
AVA of Texas #2 16-Feb AVA
WSC Classic #5 2-Mar Houston
Skyline Classic #9 30-Mar Houston
Catalyst #9 13-Apr Houston

Alaina Reyes Heach Caoch - 14 Black

Cynthia Tejeda Head Coach - 14 Diggs

14 Digs + 14 Black

Tournament Date Location
AVA of Texas #3 9-Mar AVA
WSC Classic #6 30-Mar Houston
Houston Force Classic #5 6-Apr Richmond
FAST Complex #7 13-Apr Houston

Daisy Rios Head Coach - 15 Black

15 Black

Tournament Date Location
Fast Complex #2 19-Jan Houston
Skyline Classic #5 9-Feb Houston
Skyline Classic #8 9-Mar Houston
Woodlands Revolution #8 30-Mar Houston
AVA of Texas #4 6-Apr Houston

Local Tournament Sites

Houston Juniors - FAST Complex - 15400 Hempstead Rd., Houston, TX 77040
Houston Juniors South - The Zone - 10371 Stella Link, Houston, TX 77025
Houston Skyline - 10510 Westview Dr., Houston, TX 77043
Houston Stellar - GameDay Sports - 3838 Fairway Plaza Dr.Pasadena, TX 77505

Spike Sport - 10914 S Gessner Rd., Houston, TX 77071

Texas Tornados - 8835 Wheat Cross Dr., Houston, TX 77095

Willowbrook - 12539 Perry Rd., Houston, TX 77070

TAV Houston -  Competitive Edge - 2733 Rayford Rd., Spring, TX 77386

Catalyst - Club Catalyst Volleyball 727 Plantation Dr. Richmond, Texas 77406